OVMSIMON - HP OpenView Operations MSI Monitor

OVMSIMON was written to provide a way to extract incoming agent messages before being processed by HP OpenView Operations (OVO). The result is a daemon which connects to the Server Message Stream Interface (MSI) and extracts all messages forwarded from the Message Manager. The extracted messages can be written to file or named pipe (FIFO) for further processing. Filters can be set to define which messages to write to output. OVMSIMON also provides a way to inject self-generated messages either to the normal output or into the MSI. In the latter case this messages will be processed by OpenView Operations as usual.

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  • Simple configuration file in BIND format.
  • Output message fields can be defined; including nodename, createtime, severity, msgid and many more.
  • Up to 1024 filters to restrict which messages to show; including nodename, group, severity and others.
  • Messages can be self-generated on the commandline.
  • Generated messages can be written to normal output or to the MSI.
  • No message modification; read-only connect for message extraction.
  • Independent MSI identifiers for message extraction and injection; for configurable position in the MSI chain.



  • HP OpenView Operations 6+ for UNIX.
  • The progbase library: ≥ 0.5.0 (see Projects).
  • ANSI-C compiler (eg. GCC).
  • GNU make.



OVMSIMON is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2.



The latest stable version of OVMSIMON is 0.7.0 (29-Apr-2005).

The source distribution:
ovmsimon-0.7.0.tar.gz [PGP] [NEWS] [ChangeLog]

A binary distribution for Sun Solaris 8, built on an Ultra-SPARC using GCC 3.3.2:
PPovmsimon-0.7.0-sol8-sparc-local.gz [PGP]

Previous versions of OVMSIMON can be found here.



The OVMSIMON source distribution use the GNU autotools for configuration, so compilation and installation follows the familiar command sequence of "./configure; make; make install". For detailed installation instructions see the INSTALL file in the root directory of the source distribution.

Note: OVMSIMON must be installed and executed on the machine running HP OpenView Operations. It can't be run over network.



The latest OVMSIMON sources can always be obtained from the TLA Archive. Since no build scripts are included in the TLA archive, it is necessary to bootstrap the source tree after checkout using the bootstrap script "tools/bootstrap.sh" from the source tree. This requires recent build tools:

The OVMSIMON sources have been documented using Doxygen:
Source documentation [HTML]


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